Limgroup B.V.
About Limgroup

Our objective and our contribution


  • Our objective is to make a contribution to a good life on earth with our varieties.


  • We believe that knowledge-intensive agriculture and horticulture are crucial for a good life on earth.


  • Our contribution to this is to make the most of the plant's potential. 'Unleashing plant potential', as we call it.
  • We do this by developing pioneering genetics and services, resulting in sustainably produced asparagus and strawberry varieties that are good for growers, consumers and future generations.

"As Limgroup, we have a responsibility to the future. We fulfil this responsibility using our purpose as our guiding principle, spreading our message to the outside world in a positive way." 

Vincent Deenen, CEO Limgroup.


The history of Limgroup

Limgroup is proud of its history. Originating from the Proeftuin Noord-Limburg, Limgroup has grown since 1994 into an international player in the top segment of asparagus and strawberry varieties, supported by LLTB and auction ZON as founding fathers.

  • 1952: North Limburg Experimental Gardens (Proeftuin Noord Limburg) established in Horst-Meterik.
  • 1957: Start of cultivation research and breeding of asparagus under the name Asparagus
  • 1994: Establishment of Limseeds BV, located at Veld-Oostenrijk, Horst
  • 1996: Start at location Veld-Oostenrijk
  • 2006: Limseeds BV begins its own sales.
  • 2009: Start of strawberry breeding programs
  • 2012: Limseeds BV becomes Limgroup BV.
  • 2018: Introduction of the first commercial strawberry variety
  • 2021: Limgroup comes forward with a clear new purpose.
  • 2024: Introduction of our first F1 hybrid strawberry: Limore® One