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F1 Hybrid Strawberries

F1 Hybrid Strawberries

With F1 Hybrid Strawberries, Limgroup introduces its first strawberry variety that has been cultivated from seed. For years, clonal strawberries were the norm, but the breakthrough of F1 Hybrid Strawberries will elevate the industry to a more sustainable and future-proof level. Limgroup is unlocking a world of genetic diversity and revolutionizing the cultivation process for all stakeholders in the chain.

We are taking a significant step forward in quality and sustainability and transforming the future of the strawberry industry. Discover the benefits for the entire strawberry industry below the video.

Discover the massive benefits for each stakeholder

  • Breeders: The introduction of advanced breeding technologies offers revolutionary possibilities for targeted and effective innovation.
  • Genetic reproducers: The use of clean and risk-free starting material (seed) forms a sustainable basis for cultivation, in several aspects.
  • Propagators: Propagators benefit from 100% clean starting material and a drastically shortened production cycle, with unparalleled possibilities for automation.
  • Growers: Flexible production possibilities, thanks to the availability of fresh plants on demand, offer growers the opportunity to work more efficiently and purposefully.
  • Trade & Retail: Offering sustainably produced strawberries that meet current market demand demonstrates an awareness of environmentally friendly practices and market needs.
  • Consumers: The accessibility of healthy and sustainably produced strawberries ensures an improved experience and contributes to conscious consumption.
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Meet LimoreĀ® One, our very first hybrid strawberry variety, grown from seed. With this breakthrough in hybrid strawberries, we are not just creating strawberries. We are creating a sustainable future for all players in the strawberry sector.

A future where strawberries not only feed the consumers who enjoy them, but also the breeders, propagators and growers who work every day to cultivate the best strawberries. We want everyone to reap the benefits of this innovation.

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