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Introduction MOSALIM

Press release Introducing and unveiling Mosalim F1 (K8650)



Limgroup presents new asparagus variety "Mosalim" (k8650)


Limgroup presented the official intronisation of the asparagus variety Mosalim to the asparagus world on 22.11.2023 at ExpoSE in Karlsruhe at 09:00 with the Hessian Asparagus Queen Monique I and representatives from the branch.

It is an asparagus variety from the white asparagus region for the north-western climate. The Mosalim variety is for the late harvest section. Mosalim is a variety with a strong tip and an average spear diameter of around 22 mm. The stalks have a smooth, beautifully shaped outer quality that clearly stands out from the usual varieties on the market. The new Mosalim variety also stands for a uniform grading profile. A special feature is the high starting yield, which also gives the variety a high total yield. The asparagus foliage of Mosalim is characterised as healthy and vigorous. A variable harvesting rhythm of e.g. 2 days, depending on the temperature, is not a problem with this variety.

It is possible to grow Mosalim in different cultivation variants to enable efficient harvesting, e.g. in a double row. The variety should be planted in a standard single row with 5 plants per metre. The planting depth can vary between 15 cm and 25 cm, depending on how early the start should be. There are no special requirements for optimal success, a good basic nutrition should be the basis and sandy locations that are not prone to waterlogging are preferred.




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