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Young plants from 2020

„Trust is good, control is better “
If there is no harvest from the 2020 plants, special attention should be paid to the plot. Make sure that the mulched plant remains are properly covered with soil. A shallow dam of soil can also be made around the plants. 
This helps to avoid early infection with Stemphylium, the spores are on old plant residues, and this can also reduce late frost damage to your freshly sprouted asparagus shoots, which would weaken the plants at an early stage. However, the first shoots will be delayed slightly by the shallow soil dam. This would also mean that the first herbicide application can be omitted.
Check your fields regularly (at least weekly). The flight of asparagus flies can be effectively monitored by setting up stick glue traps early on. Upwards of a temperature of 15° C, the flies can be seen more often on the fields and upwards of 20° C, 
they are very active and on the move.