Limgroup B.V.

Limgroup continues on new path

Limgroup continues on new path
Asparagus and strawberry breeder Limgroup from Horst, the Netherlands, is continuing on its new path. On Wednesday morning Limgroup presented its newest asparagus variety, K3979, at ExpoSE in Karlsruhe, as well as showing off its new corporate identity to the customers, business contacts and press in attendance.

Corporate Identity
A lot of things have changed in the world in the last two years. At Limgroup, too, there have been a lot of changes. The foundation for this was set out in a new strategic plan drawn up by the board and management. It includes Limgroup's new purpose. John Schoeber, Marketing and Sales Manager at Limgroup: "Limgroup's objective is to make a contribution to a good life on earth with our varieties. In addition, we believe that knowledge-intensive agriculture and horticulture are crucial for a good life on earth. In other words: without knowledge-intensive agriculture and horticulture, a good life on earth isn't possible. We will increasingly be spreading this message to the outside world."

In order to give the purpose even more power, the decision was made to update the corporate identity as well. "This new identity expresses Limgroup's new standard and values. All of it is powerfully expressed in the new slogan: Limgroup, Unleashing plant potential. For more details, please see the new website,,” John Schoeber says.

Asparagus variety K3979
Alongside bringing substance to its new purpose, Limgroup's foundation is still built on strong genetic products for growers, retailers and consumers. Following the recent introduction of Maralim (asparagus) and Limadela (strawberry), another new variety is being added to Limgroup's range: asparagus variety K3979.
After years of testing and feedback from growers in Southern Europe, K3979 has emerged as a strong newcomer. Before going ahead with the product launch, Limgroup first completed internal and external field tests with these growers. "With K3979, we are introducing a variety that meets market demand. This expansion of our range will enable us to serve our clients even better. The K3979 will be given a name with southern allure, but we're keeping that a secret for the time being," John Schoeber says.

K3979 is a variety bred for southern Europe, and is a nice addition to the warm green portfolio. K3979 stands out as a late variety with a high spear weight, perfect closed tip and high yield potential. K3979 is a reliable variety for the grower, through to the end of the growing season. For more information, please see the website.