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Press release: F1 Hybrid Strawberries

Limgroup starts a transition within the strawberry sector with F1 Hybrid Strawberries
Den Bosch, the Netherlands, 11 January 2024

Limgroup, a renowned company in asparagus and strawberry breeding, proudly announced its revolutionary F1 Hybrid Strawberries concept at the International Soft Fruit Conference. The launch of Limgroup’s first strawberry variety from seed marks a turning point in the strawberry sector. This innovation promises good yields and high-quality strawberries, but it also represents a significant advancement in the sustainable cultivation of this crop.

Benefits for every link in the chain
“This transformation is set to revolutionize the entire strawberry sector,” says Limgroup’s CEO Vincent Deenen. “The transition to strawberries grown from seed will have significant advantages for every link in the chain: breeders will have access to cutting-edge technologies allowing them to innovate more effectively. Propagators can start with clean plant materials and automation presents them with new opportunities. Additionally, their production cycle will be drastically reduced from two years to just 16 weeks. Among other things, the resulting benefits represent a significant step forward in making strawberry cultivation more sustainable, a goal our industry needs to work towards."

Roland Sweijen, Product Lead Strawberry adds: “And the availability of fresh plants at virtually any time gives growers more flexibility in their cultivation methods, resulting in increased efficiency, precision and professionalism. Retailers can respond to market demand for sustainably produced strawberries, whilst consumers will benefit from healthier, more sustainably produced strawberries, which results in a better eating experience. In fact, this transition creates a win-win situation for everyone.”

Vision and sustainability
Deenen outlines the vision behind this development. "With F1 hybrid breeding, our focus is on sustainability and quality. Our first variety is the epitome of our commitment to innovation and our mission to contribute to a good life on earth. As a company, we have worked towards this for the past 14 years", says Deenen. He also stresses the importance of collaboration within the sector to promote the transition to F1 Hybrid strawberry varieties. "We invite partners to join us in taking this important step so that we can transform the strawberry sector together." He believes it is the responsibility of industry leaders in the sector to take this step together. By uniting our efforts, we can elevate the entire sector and ensure a future-proof, sustainable strawberry cultivation. In this respect, F1 Hybrid Strawberries are an important link in the chain.



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