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Dutch wholesaler, seed supplier partner with F1 Hybrid Strawberries

Dutch wholesaler, seed supplier partner with F1 Hybrid Strawberries

Dutch wholesaler Royal FruitMasters and strawberry breeder Limgroup are set to collaborate to launch the F1 Hybrid Strawberries concept on the market. The partnership was officially confirmed at Fruit Logistica. "This innovation, where strawberry plants are cultivated from seeds, promises not only good yields and quality but, above all, symbolizes a significant step forward in the sustainable cultivation of this crop," spokespeople from the parties report.

"For years, clonal strawberries were the norm. Seed-grown strawberries represent a major development in the sustainable cultivation of this fruit throughout the entire chain. That will lead to radical changes for all market players, which naturally means new opportunities. Plant growers can start with clean base material and better utilize their production facilities."

"It also offers new automation possibilities and drastically shortens the plant production cycle from two years to 16 weeks. Also, with strawberries grown from seeds, you can move plant cultivation indoors, allowing for even better temperature, lighting, and hygiene control. The Limore® One is the very first hybrid strawberry variety grown from seed," say the company's representatives.

Benefits for every link in the chain
Strawberry plants can be supplied all year round, which allows for better production distribution. "Growers, thus, also have more flexibility in their cultivation methods and have access to fresh plants throughout the year. Since that stabilizes sales, those can be better planned. That leads to increased production efficiency, precision, and continuity."

Adriaan Vis, CEO of FruitMasters, elaborates on the collaboration: "As a source supplier, we're constantly looking for new varieties and innovations that add value for our growers and trading partners. After initial discussions about this new type of strawberry, we were immediately enthusiastic about its potential. Along with the Limgroup's knowledge, we can bring about a revolution within the strawberry sector that will benefit growers, partners, and consumers."

Collaborating on a transition
At FruitMasters, the new strawberry variety is part of the Best of Berries innovation & soft fruit program. This partnership with breeders, growers, and retailers links varieties from selected growers to the right customers. The Limgroup choosing to work with FruitMasters on this project was, therefore, "strategic", says Vincent Deenen, the Limgroup's CEO.

“FruitMasters' strong conceptual thinking and sustainability agenda perfectly match Limgroup’s ambition. We jointly want to achieve a sustainable transition in the strawberry sector with F1 Hybrid strawberries, which is positive for both growers and the general public," Vincent concludes. FruitMasters is the exclusive F1 Hybrid Strawberries cultivation and marketing partner in the Netherlands.

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From left to right: Roland Sweijen – Strawberry Product Lead, Limgroup, Adriaan Vis – CEO FruitMasters, Vincent Deenen – CEO Limgroup, and Coen Kampschöer – Marketing Communication Manager FruitMasters