Limgroup B.V.
About Limgroup

Our objective and our contribution


  • Our objective is to make a contribution to a good life on earth with our varieties.


  • We believe that knowledge-intensive agriculture and horticulture are crucial for a good life on earth.


  • Our contribution to this is to make the most of the plant's potential. 'Unleashing plant potential', as we call it.
  • We do this by developing pioneering genetics and services, resulting in sustainably produced asparagus and strawberry varieties that are good for growers and consumers alike.

"As Limgroup, we have a responsibility to the future. We fulfil this responsibility using our purpose as our guiding principle, spreading our message to the outside world in a positive way." 

Vincent Deenen, CEO Limgroup.


The history of Limgroup

Limgroup is proud of its history. With its origins in the Proeftuin Noord Limburg (North Limburg experimental garden), since 1994 Limgroup – supported by the LLTB and the ZON auction as founding fathers – has grown to become an international player in the top segment of asparagus and strawberry varieties.

  • 1952: North Limburg Experimental Garden established in Horst-Meterik,
  • 1957: Cultivation research and asparagus breeding begins under the name Asparagus.
  • 1994: Limseeds BV established in Veld Oostenrijk, Horst.
  • 1996: Begins at Veld Oostenrijk location.
  • 2006: Limseeds BV begins its own sales.
  • 2009: Strawberry breeding programmes begin.
  • 2012: Limseeds BV becomes Limgroup BV.
  • 2018: First commercial strawberry variety introduced.
  • 2021: Limgroup emerges with a clear purpose.